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Benvenuti a Obique Italia

Obique Ltd è un produttore britannico, importatore e rivenditore di mobili in legno massiccio per bambini, decorazione domestica, giocattoli di legno, cristalleria, candele e utensili da cucina. Abbiamo anche una vasta gamma di arredamenti per scuole materne, scuole di gioco e scuole professionali.

Obique Tavoli & Sedie Multifunzionali Per Bambini

Obique produce sedie e tavoli multifunzionali per bambini dai colori accesi in lacca naturale e scura, bianca, utilizzata anche come nido di tavolini quando non viene utilizzata dal bambino. Tutti i prodotti sono rifiniti con acqua, basata su bambini, macchie libere e vernici a VOC.

Obique Solid Pine Children's Furniture

The Obique range of children’s sold pine furniture is made from solid pine wood. Designed to eliminate pinch points that can harm your child and finished with water based, child safe, VOC free varnish. Solid construction, sturdy and durable, the Obique pine furniture will last for many years.

Obique Multifunctional Children's Tables & Benches

Obique manufactures beautifully designed children’s multifunctional benches and tables in natural, dark stained and white lacquer, that are also used as nest of coffee tables when not used by your child. All products are finished with water based, child safe, VOC free stains and varnishes.

Obique Solid Beech Wood Children's Furniture

Beautifully designed and manufactured solid beech wood children’s tables and chairs. Ideal for the home, for kindergartens, play schools and commercial nurseries. Hard wearing stable and solid construction. Child safe design features and child safe VOC free finishes.

Obique Children's Wall Clocks

These beautiful children’s MDF wall clocks will help your child learn to read the time and will enhance your child’s awareness of daily schedules and independent time keeping activities.

Obique Hand Blown Glassware

These beautiful hand blown and hand finished clear vases, jars and glass containers are all made for Obique in Europe from recycled glass. Ideal for the home, restaurants, bars, hotels and reception areas.

Obique Child Safe Wooden Toys

Obique’s beautiful wooden toys manufactured in Europe with wood from sustainable resources and painted or lacquered with water based child safe VOC free paints. Wooden toys are by far more engaging for your child than plastic toys.

Obique Decorative, Shabby Chic & Romantic MDF Wall Clocks

Manufactured in Europe and dispatched from our UK warehouse, the Obique selection of MDF wooden wall clocks is the largest single source of MDF wall clocks in the UK. Bright colourful designs for all tastes.

Obique Rustic Wooden Kitchen Utensils

The Obique rustic wooden kitchen utensils are all hand made for Obique in Europe with wood from sustainable forest sources. Enhance the look of your kitchen with natural wooden kitchen utensils from Obique.

Obique Elegance Range of Hand Made Candles

The Obique range of Elegance candles are manufactured by us in the UK using high quality waxes and dyes to ensure soot free burning of the candles. Beautifully designed, hand poured and finished. Each candle is individually wrapped in clear cellophane tied off with a colourful ribbon.

Obique Multifunctional Tables, Benches and Chairs

At Obique we are always trying to save every inch of space possible around the house to maximize it both ergonomically and aesthetically. It can be a difficult task indeed. That’s why a beautiful set of Obique multifunctional furniture is one of the best ways to accomplish this. The Obique multifunctional furniture brings together form and function in an exquisite fashion.

The Obique multifunctional furniture sets are comprised of two, three, four or five individual units. All Obique multifunctional furniture is manufactured from solid Beech Wood.

Children’s Tables Chairs and Benches

Designed from the outset to be light weight, have no pinch points or sharp edges. Obique multifunctional tables, chairs and benches can be used by children between the age of 12 months to 5 years of age.

Nests of Coffee Tables

Simply turn the chairs and benches through 90 degrees and you have a nest of coffee tables for use by adults when the children are asleep. These nests of coffee tables are ideal for grand parents who are occasionally visited by small grand children.

From acting as innovative coffee tables that steal the show, to doubling as chairs and tables for children, our modern multifunctional nesting tables can do it all!

Obique Children’s Solid Pine Wood Furniture

Obique’s children’s furniture is made in the EU to the highest quality standards from solid pine and varnished with hard wearing high gloss, child safe water based varnish, to enable easy cleaning.

Avoid Dangerous Children’s Furniture

All too often cheap children’s furniture is available from suppliers in online market places, that has not been properly designed for children. Manufacturing children’s wooden is not just about scaling adult furniture to the size required for children. Obique’s best practice approach to manufacturing children’s furniture starts with a design phase, that eliminates the dangers inherent in adult furniture, that could injure your children.

Obique Children’s Furniture Safety Features

Obique children’s furniture is entirely child safe in regard to the materials used and the design of the product. The following are key features of all Obique children’s furniture:

  • No sharp corners – All corners are rounded to avoid injury to your child.
  • No scissor joints – From the outset we design all Obique children’s furniture without scissor joints.
  • Untreated Wood – All wood used in the production of Obique children’s furniture is untreated and free of chemicals.
  • VOC Free Finish – All paints and varnishes used in the finishing of Obique children’s furniture is VOC free.